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Our slogan describes our brand story in its purest form. It is a testament of our commitment to the welders and their professional and emotional bond with our products.


Use of the slogan

The slogan is used in Kemppi marketing and communication materials and channels as a brand element and signature along with the logo. However, the logo and slogan are stand-alone elements that should have enough space between them. The slogan must not be used as a tagline attached to the Kemppi logo. Use the slogan in marketing materials only when you have enough space to place it elsewhere in the application.

The slogan ‘Designed for welders’ must not be translated in any case. The slogan is not used in automated welding communications.

The slogan can be used as a stand-alone element in, for example, the final slide of PowerPoint presentations where the slogan is the only element and used in a large size. Another example is a two-sided flyer or card, in which the Kemppi logo is on the other side and the slogan is on the opposite side.

The visual appearance is fixed and it is important to use original master artwork when reproducing the slogan.

Use of the slogan within text

The recommended way of typing the slogan within a regular text sentence is with single quotation marks 'Designed for welders'. Another option is in italics, Designed for welders if style formatting is possible.