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Kemppi logo

The logo of Kemppi consists of two elements: 

  • The brand mark, whose round shape, orange color, and sharp-pointed welding groove pattern symbolise the filler wire’s molten droplet entering the weld pool.

  • The company’s word mark, the name by which the company is known worldwide: Kemppi.

The elements of the logo and their proportions may not be changed, and they should always be presented as described in these guidelines. For example, do not rotate the elements or present them at a slant.

The elements of the logo may not be used separately, and none may be deleted from the logo, except in special cases, such as presentation in exceptionally small sizes (see Kemppi brand mark).

The Kemppi logo is always a stand-alone element. It may never be used together with the Kemppi slogan 'Designed for welders', or any other product slogans. 

When using the logos, use only the original electronic versions provided in the downloads section.