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Online Brand Guide

The external appearance of a company is the most visible element contributing to its image and the message it conveys.

This Online Brand Guide introduces you to the Kemppi brand, and gives practical instructions on the use of graphic elements for communicating our company image in a coherent manner.

We are listening, determined, hungry and curious team players.

Brand and image are important assets that have an effect on the perceived value of a company, its products, the quality of operations, reputation, and people. Anyone who uses brand materials is either directly or indirectly a representative of Kemppi, which means that the instructions should be followed as faithfully as possible.

By striving for consistent communication, we are able to strengthen the message we want to convey to our stakeholders. For Kemppi, entrepreneurship, innovativeness, intelligence and partnership are at the core of everything we do.

The Kemppi Group’s official language is English US.

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